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The simplest approach to enhance your bottom line is to learn a few ergonomics basics, which is why workplace ergonomics is rising. We teach your employees how to conduct basic in-house office ergonomic assessments during our freshly updated three-day course. Participants learn what musculoskeletal injuries are, how to diagnose them, and how to prevent them in an interactive, entertaining, and exciting setting.
Graduates will be well prepared to apply what they have learned right away to their company's health and safety programs. This involves knowing how to deal with issues and risk factors, choose and modify furniture correctly, and recognize when a professional ergonomic examination is required. Additionally, our instructors, who are selected from among Duergo’s most experienced ergonomists and management, demonstrate how to use the sister company's (OOHMS) apps.

“Our training is an effective way of reducing Ergonomics risk and increase in workplace safety”