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In-Person Assessment

Designed for those who are suffering computer related discomfort/pain at work that is interfering with their ability to do their everyday tasks. This assessment comes with a comprehensive. For an additional fee, a follow-up with the employee to evaluate the efficacy of the suggested solutions is recommended.

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Group Assessments and Audits

Office Ergonomics Group assessments and audits ensure that your entire team is operating at peak efficiency without compromising safety. Individual reports, group findings, recommendations, and techniques for staging and prioritizing short and long-term ergonomic solutions, are included in the group Audit.

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Workplace Design Guidelines

Duergo can work with you to create a set of design guidelines for your facility planners and managers to use when selecting furniture and equipment. Design guidelines will be adjusted to suit the nature of your organization (e.g., general office setting, call center, reception) and the mechanisms in place for acquiring new equipment, based on the ISO Ergonomic Standard.Some quick example text to build on the card title and make up the bulk of the card's content.

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Remote Ergonomic Assessment

A virtual one-on-one consultation with a qualified ergonomist to fully optimize your workstation setup, increase productivity, and prevent discomfort/pain. While modern technology makes much of our work easier, it also introduces a new set of ergonomic hazards. Irrespective of your location or inaccessibility to an ergonomic specialist, the remote assessment eliminates barriers associated with travel costs to get to remote communities. It's critical to prioritize your health, comfort, and productivity as more of us work from home. To learn more, contact us today!

“Our training is an effective way of reducing Ergonomics risk and increase in workplace safety”