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Office Ergonomics Essentials

This 60-minute in-person workshop focuses on how to set up the workstation and tasks to reduce discomfort. The class focuses on giving students the knowledge they need to change their own workstations at work or at home. Each participant will receive a work relief workout guide as well as access to an online self-assessment tool. For individuals who want more time with the ergonomist, this session is frequently followed by a walk around to answer questions and provide suggestions.

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Practical Industrial Ergonomics for Ergonomics Team

This training is intended to aid in the formation of internal ergonomic teams. Supervisors, engineers, and members of a health and safety committee will benefit from this two-day workshop. Learn how to identify possible causes of musculoskeletal injuries and risks in the workplace, as well as how to apply ergonomic standards to new and existing workplaces.
Your ergonomics team will be able to create and implement hazard avoidance and control techniques, as well as an ergonomics program. This training is tailored to your company's specific needs, with video, graphics, and working scenarios used to enhance the learning experience.

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Industrial Ergonomics Employees

This four to five hour workshop teaches front-line workers in industrial settings, such as factories, warehouses, labs, and utility providers, how to avoid accidents and improve their comfort and performance while on the job. Workers are taught how to apply ergonomic principles to their workstation layout and tasks, as well as the need of good body mechanics. Attendees will receive a work relief exercise handout designed specifically for industrial employees after the event.

“Our training is an effective way of reducing Ergonomics risk and increase in workplace safety”