“…… Fitness and inclusiveness”



Duergo Limited started as a registered company in 2011 and is responsible for promoting ergonomic designs in Nigeria. This work has included the Lasting empowerment for the Nigerian Society (LENS) initiative that has seen the development of educational resources for teaching ‘inclusiveness’ in Nigeria.


Duergo limited is passionate about promoting and empowering people with ergonomic tools. We use human science to match jobs, systems, products to the environment, with the aim of improving the physical and mental disposition of people.



Healthcare Ergonomics, Hospital Automation, Industrial Physiotherapy Inclusive Design



Manual Material Handling, DSE Assessment, Workplace Ergonomics, Product Service Systems



Accident Investigation & Anthropometry Survey, amongst other gamma services to be included

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As part of our responsibility to our clients we have integrated e-commerce into our platform where our clients can buy and sell ergonomics products



As part of our customer service we have introduced a live chat system into our platform to deal with our client’s inquires all around time 24/7


Subscription of our newsletters to update their knowledge about ergonomics and the company.


Duergo limited offers training in wide spectrum from trainings in installing ergonomics products, health & safety, to ergonomic designs and analysis.


As part of our services we have introduced a blog section on our web platform to educate clients, assist academic research amongst other benefits


We have handled oversensitivity on our web platform as part of our responsibility to our clients to make our site appear well on any device

"Duergo Limited delivers their services in a very unique way. They adopt international standards and methods, state-of-the-art gadgets for real-time simulations, all these being complemented by their extensive experience.
I particularly found the training on Accident Investigation (Gamma Services) and Workplace Ergonomics (Beta Services) very essential to my professional development. I would not hesitate to recommend these services to industries that want to maximize the productivity of their staff while also reducing, as much as possible, the risks to their health and wellbeing."

− Oluwaseun E. Adedeji (BTech (Hons), MSc, PhD (in view) Chem. Eng., OSHA, AMIChemE, MNSE)

"Duergo Limted has been around for sometime now, and i've monitored the company's progress. In a nutshell, if you're looking for quality of service, timing, and accuracy then Duergo is the best bet."


"With over five years of being a major retailer and distributor of Nigerian bottling products, my training on Manual material handling had made my work task more efficient, safe and productive."

− Dere Bayo (C.E.O Beesulyn limited)

"My Inclusive Design training, not only recognizes and values but also attempts to accommodate widest spectrum of the human ability to use the different availability of spaces and products/services."

− Elijah Adegoke (B.Eng, MSc, CCNP, MNSE, MIEEE)

"With years of practicing architecture and Environmental Design, The training with Duergo limited helped to broaden sensitive design solutions so the user groups can easily carry out their daily activities. it also gave a broader perspective to interact with different user groups, in which everyone benefits. I'll recommend this training for most schools to show students the need from the foundation, and also professionals to help become sensitive designers for a better future. "

− Adekunle Afolayan (BSc. Arch, MED)

"Duergo Limited has been a very good source of knowledge regarding growing computer disciplines like Human Computer Interaction(HCI) and User Experience(UX). I've been building websites and designing graphics for close to a decade now, but Duergo Limited has given me that uniqueness amongst my peers and competitors in ensuring usability, accessibility and acceptability of designs, and that edge in differentiating between interface design and user experience design which is now a core policy in my company INFOWOORKZ."

− ABIBU IBRAHIM, msc,ccnp,mcse,diploma

"The training on DSE gave me a practical insight on a systemic managements of Human computer interactions(HCI). I found it very essential to my professional development as an ICT expert."

− Udoka Ezealor (B. Eng, MSc )

"Over my years of practice in architecture and design, my experience with the training at Duergo limited has helped me see design in a new light. As to always take into consideration when designing the physically challenged and the elderly. Therefore making my designs inclusive! "

− Temilola Balogun (Bsc. Arch, MID in view)

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“…… Fitness and inclusiveness”

“The best ergonomic solutions will often improve productivity”