Preventing a medical incident in an often chaotic hospital environment is a key concern for doctors, administrators and governments. Patient safety and wellbeing may be dependent on the accurate and timely dispensing of a treatment regimen. Thankfully, not all errors result in an adverse event for the patient; however, ineffective treatment can result in prolonged illness, side effects or the presence of new symptoms.

Duergo Consult provides an integrated medical automation solution that will help overcome the challenges in hospital operations and alleviate the possibilities of human error by automating processes in areas where patients will benefit most.



Throughout the country greater demands are being made on our health care system. Medical facilities are being asked to do more with less. A shortage of qualified medical staff, an overextended medical infrastructure and a growing population needing care are developing into the perfect storm.

There are inefficient use of resources (personnel, space and technology), managing their inventory and the availability of certain medical equipment while ensuring patient safety, are key areas of concern.




Time and personnel restraints are causing resource issues that if unmanaged, result in a reduction in patient care and possible errors in their treatment. Clinical staffs and technicians are often underutilized in their areas of expertise due to administrative and logistical tasks that consume their time.

Benefits of intervention to the Organisation

  • There are potentials that the Specific needs of the organization would be identified and addressed easier, faster and effective with a staffed patient handler.
  • Good public image
  • More funds gets generated
  • Decreased sickness absence
  • Worker retention

Adverse affected on patients includes:

  • Patients are stressed
  • Confused
  • Angry
  • Frustrated
  • Experience a loss of trust in medication and the healthcare services
  • Disruption in the continuity of care

Benefits of Intervention to Staff

  • Improved performance
  • Decreased injuries and illnesses
  • Improved worker satisfaction and increased motivation

Benefit to Patients

  • Quality service
  • Reduced hospital stay
  • Safe environment and reduced hospital related injuries


Simply fixing parts of the supply chain is not the solution. It requires a concerted effort throughout the entire process:


There is a need for collaboration and connectivity in the continuum of care to ensure best outcomes for patients and optimal use of time and human resources.


Financial losses, time spent by doctors, pharmacists and nurses in consulting, checking, dispensing and ordering, give rise to inefficient operations.


By automating the process map, supply, storage, inventory and dispensing of medication, human errors and drug shortages are minimized, thereby improving patient outcomes and safety.


Recording and tracking of medications throughout the supply chain to ensure proper dispensing, administering, and availability of medications and to identify and eliminate diversion.

Duergo Consult offers a suite of automation solutions that systematically improves workflow, reduces costs and intrinsically reinforces medication safety at each step of the medication use and supply processes. By increasing communication between nursing and the hospital pharmacy, improving medication safety and optimizing productivity, costs in hospitals of all sizes are significantly reduced.Through the use of robotics, bar-code scanning automation, and Web-based virtual technologies, Duergo consult promotes effective medication ordering, dispensing, administration, charge capture and inventory management processes.

The functionality and features of each product drive the medication safety process deeper into the normal workflow patterns of pharmacists, technicians, nurses and clinicians. Duergo’s Automation Solutions free them from time-consuming, repetitive, manual tasks so they can focus on clinical activities and improve the quality of patient care; an issue that plagues medical professionals across the country.The Duergo suite of automated solutions can enhance the performance of any hospital, whether the system is fully centralized, decentralized or a hybrid combination of the two. Moreover, Duergo Automation Solutions are completely modular, integrating or interfacing respectively with Duergo’s and other vendor’s product lines; allowing all previous investments to be fully utilized.The following products comprise the Duergo suite of automation solutions and can function together or separately, and can be interfaced with most competitor systems to develop an effective hybrid solution.

We are proud to say that Duergo limited is one of the pioneering  company offering this expertise in Nigeria. For more enquiries, Please contact us for more details.