Duergo provides the most efficient and accurate Equipment and experts in body sizing surveys worldwide.

In recent times, countries such as Germany, Italy, France, Sweden, Brazil, China, Spain, Canada, US, New Zealand, Australian had succcesfully updated their records on athropometry data. On record, there had been no athropometry data set for the Nigerian society and most african countries.

Just as every other data collection (Geographic information systems, Population censors) serves as the bedrock for planning and development, the athropometry data of a given country serves as a foundation in creating standards (SON)  for products service systems (PSS) designs. This data set had been made useful in creating of standards in the developed world (BSI, ISO). An interest in this project will show a good sign for sustainable economics and prosperity in Nigeria.

There has been a scan of more than 500,000 people – with 50 measurements per person in average. Duergo offers expertise and intensive skills in statistical Analysis of Body Measures (Automotive Industry, Ergonomic Simulations, and Sizing Surveys et all).




  • Measurement with 3D-Bodyscanner (VITUS Smart XXL Body Scanner and Anthroscan Software)
  • Reach range rigs
  • CODA, digital video
  • Goniometry (ROM)
  • Computer Aided Design packages
  • Training




  • Creation of average Avatars
  • Visualization of specific target customers as the basis for a reliable size & fit product design
  • Forensics…!!!
  • Nutrition and health status of populations/individuals e.g. children (growth, development)
  • Populations/individuals and design e.g. military (uniforms, PPE, tanks, helicopters, parachute harnesses, weapons), hospital( wheel chair, crutches, beds, design layout, field hospital theatres and other healthcare equipments), car/bus/aeroplane and its elements of use( seat heights and width, positions of controls and displays) and lots more.
  • Functional reach range and envelope, clearance, entrapments for products and work place designs
  • The Nigerian anthropometry data set serves as foundation for designs to get users satisfaction and acceptability.

We are proud to say that Duergo limited is one of the pioneering  company offering this expertise in Nigeria. Please contact us for more details.